Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Mr. Nuthatch to You

It turns out that the little bird building a nest in our almost dead apple tree is a nuthatch. A red-breasted nuthatch to be exact. And it's dad, not mom.

He was working away again yesterday so I grabbed my camera. At first he wasn't too sure about this human standing on a lawn chair so close, but he slowly got used to me. Every once in a while the female would fly in for a few minutes. She never landed on the branch with the soon-to-be nest in it, though. Eventually, the male hopped up on the top of the dead branch to check me out. He seemed to be facinated by the clicking of my camera. Every time I took a photo his little head would cock to the side.

On the needles I have another of the Opal Zircus yarn. This one is 2003. I love watching the Opal self-patterning yarn knit up. And to non-knitters it makes you look so smart. : )


Anonymous said...

Darcie -- love checking out your blog. Maybe I should do one! LOL

Love those little Nuthatches; we have tons of them. Your pictures were great, but the image of you on a lawn chair taking pictures was priceless!

Take care

Sharon Rose said...

Pretty sockie!! :)