Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogging on the Brain (or So Little Sleep, Too Much to Blog)

No one told me how tiring this blogging thing would be. I tossed and turned and turned and tossed for close to a couple of hours after going to bed last night. My mind was whirling about, trying to come up with ideas for what to write about. Let's see... Both the dogs need a bath and their nails done - nope, too boring. The kids are driving me crazy - nope, that's normal for around here. My Impatiens seedlings are over-running the plant/grooming room - again too boring. After all, plants just sit there, don't they? Although it could make a neat picture.
Okay, maybe not. But it took me so long to get that picture in here that it's staying.

And this is what has been keeping me from much needed grooming of the shelties:

My daughter, Katie, is some ticked at me. We recently renovated the basement (okay, so we still haven't done all the finishing and if it goes the way most things do around here it never will be) to make it more kid friendly. At the ages of 9 and 7 my husband and I (the kids, that is. Not my husband and I. We are actually 31 and 29 *wink*) figured that it was time to kick the kids out of the upstairs family room and hide them in the basement. The place in the picture was supposed to be a craft area. Katie LOVED it. She could finally do all her handiwork and not have to worry about me nagging her to get it off the kitchen table. But then I took it over with all my beads. It doesn't help that she would dearly love to get into my stuff. However, she knows better since the penalty would be death. So far it has kept her out. But sometimes I think Katie has a death wish.

This is the latest row marker I have made that will go on Etsy shortly. I'm calling it "An Evening at the Opera." I was going to call it "A Night at the Opera" but then I had this vision of the Marx brothers smacking each other up side the head with my row counters. Hardly the refined image that I had in mind. Or maybe I will call it "Black Tie Affair." Ooooohhhh, elegant and sexy! *insert shameless promotion here* I guess you will have to check it out on Etsy to find out what I will call it.

And to keep the knitting theme... Before buying sock yarn I will often go out hunting on the net to find pictures of yarn I am considering. I like to see what it looks like knitted up. So I guess I can do my small part and post pictures of my finished socks with their brand and colourway. Here is Trekking 159. There is a whole long story about how these socks finally came to be. My sister has it up on her blog, Doglover's Yarn. And no, we do not have any green leaves yet. We dumped the fake tree out in the yard while renovating so that we could at least see a little green.

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HaveFaith said...

I have made about 10 pair of socks in stockinette stitch. Not boring, just "safe". I was scared to mess with what worked for me. Then I got the Charlene Schurch book "Sensational Socks". Oh WOW! I tried a very easy pair with just a little bit of pattern for my first pair. These socks are the best fitting pair I have. So go for it. Try a little pattern in your sock. It really is fun.