Friday, July 25, 2008


I actually finished a pair of socks! This is the first pair that I have completed since I started the Etsy shop. Way back in April I had 3 pairs of socks on the needles, but never found the time to knit. The irony hasn't escaped me. I have been so busy making knitting notions that my knitting basket has been sitting idle.
So here is Opal Zircus 2003. I actually completed them early last week and they have been sitting waiting for a picture since. There isnt a lot of incentive to do the finishing when it is the middle of summer. As far as I am concerned the best thing about hot weather is that there are less socks in the wash that need matching up before putting away.

I love blues of any shade and I can see these socks fast becoming a favourite.

On the Etsy front I am pretty excited. I finally found an on-line supplier of beads and charms that I like. I have been leery of ordering supplies when I am not able to actually see the product. It is too easy to make very expensive mistakes. But yesterday I placed a "test" order. Well, it turned out to be a rather large "test." Hopefully in a week or so I will be able to list some new counters. I ordered a bunch of knitting and spinning related charms that so many people have been requesting.

Friday, July 11, 2008

We have been having a couple of days of wild weather. Rain, wind and even a few tornadoes (although, luckily not real near us). As I looked out my office window a few minutes ago to appreciate a few rays of sun poking through the clouds I saw this....
Pictures don't really do justice to these gorgeous double rainbows. They were some of the brightest, most defined rainbows I have ever seen. They faded away a few seconds after I ran outside to take these and now I am watching dark, ominous swirling clouds again.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kid Bit

Katie was full of questions the other day...

"Do you love Daddy?"
"I love Daddy very much."
"Do you love me?"
"I love you very much."
"Do you love Christopher?"
"I love Christopher very much."
"Do you love me more than flat screen tv's?"
"You are confusing me with your dad again. Do you think I should trade you for a tv?"
"No, just trade Christopher. Better yet, can I trade him for my cousin Cody?"
Kai's job in the morning is to wake Katie up. He loves his work! He jumps up and roots around, trying to kiss Katie good morning.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2 Should Be Called "Laugh at a Canadian" Day

If you read my Canada Day post yesterday you can tell that I have spent a considerable amount of time pondering the differences between Canadians and Americans. Not differences that are good or bad, mind you. We are very much the same, but there are some subtle things that set us apart.

Then I was reading the Yarn Harlot's annual Canada Day post. A couple of the comments made me think. Would I like it if someone from a different country came up here and started to poke fun about our Prime Minister? Sure!! Come on up! I'll supply the Molsons and we can make fun of our government for hours! That is practically a national past time. Ever seen This Hour Has 22 Minutes on CBC Television? Or Rick Mercer? We delight in skewering out politicians.

I don't respect our Prime Minister simply because of the office he holds. I will respect him once he proves that he is a good and capable leader. And then I will make major fun of him anyway.

Canadian love to laugh at ourselves. Not much is sacred. We have to laugh a lot or our lips will freeze together in the winter. So some of the other things that say that we don't take ourselves very seriously...

Our major currency is called a Loonie.

The beaver is our national symbol. What is more, we LIKE our beaver! It is so easy to make fun of.

Duck Tape was invented here.

In Quebec liquor sales are controlled by a "society."

William Shatner, a man who has developed that art of making fun of himself to a high art form.

The Molson Brewery "I am Canadian" commercials.

My personal favourite - in 1999 when the Northwest Territories was divided into two there was a contest held to name the part that wasn't going to be called Nunavut. "Bob" almost won.

So go on! Give it your best shot! Make fun of a Canadian today! And pass the brewsky while you are at it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

One of the things that I really hope to give to my children is a strong sense of national pride. Everyone should be proud of where they come from. Years ago I remember reading an article by Canadian political columnist Allan Fotheringham where he stated in relation to patriotism that Canadians were just like Americans, just not as loud about it (my apologies if it is not quite the correct quote since it was a long time ago and I couldnt find the quote anywhere on line). The statement really resonated with me. So I am trying to teach my children to be loud about it. Just like the tradition of new jammies on Christmas Eve Katie and Christopher always get new Canada t-shirts before Canada Day.
Every year on Canada Day Regina celebrates the holiday with a big party in Wascana Park. We are so fortunate to have this huge park that covers 2300 acres, making it one of the largest urban parks in North America (Central Park in NY covers 834 acres). Even more amazing is that Wascana Lake was entirely man made! It began as a make work project in the 1930's. We are in the middle of the prairies so every tree, bush and little rise of land had be planted or built.The large building is the provincial legislative buildings. Or as Katie used to call it when she was little, Pooh's Castle. The sky is hazy today with smoke from forest fires in northern Saskatchewan.

Here is Katie checking out the totem in the park.

And Christopher and Katie running under the waterfall. I love the look on Katie's face!

The park is also home to the Wascana Waterfowl Park. There are hundreds of majestic Canada Geese in the park year round. They are beautiful to look at, but some people complain loudly about their numbers. You see, they can be rather "messy."