Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2 Should Be Called "Laugh at a Canadian" Day

If you read my Canada Day post yesterday you can tell that I have spent a considerable amount of time pondering the differences between Canadians and Americans. Not differences that are good or bad, mind you. We are very much the same, but there are some subtle things that set us apart.

Then I was reading the Yarn Harlot's annual Canada Day post. A couple of the comments made me think. Would I like it if someone from a different country came up here and started to poke fun about our Prime Minister? Sure!! Come on up! I'll supply the Molsons and we can make fun of our government for hours! That is practically a national past time. Ever seen This Hour Has 22 Minutes on CBC Television? Or Rick Mercer? We delight in skewering out politicians.

I don't respect our Prime Minister simply because of the office he holds. I will respect him once he proves that he is a good and capable leader. And then I will make major fun of him anyway.

Canadian love to laugh at ourselves. Not much is sacred. We have to laugh a lot or our lips will freeze together in the winter. So some of the other things that say that we don't take ourselves very seriously...

Our major currency is called a Loonie.

The beaver is our national symbol. What is more, we LIKE our beaver! It is so easy to make fun of.

Duck Tape was invented here.

In Quebec liquor sales are controlled by a "society."

William Shatner, a man who has developed that art of making fun of himself to a high art form.

The Molson Brewery "I am Canadian" commercials.

My personal favourite - in 1999 when the Northwest Territories was divided into two there was a contest held to name the part that wasn't going to be called Nunavut. "Bob" almost won.

So go on! Give it your best shot! Make fun of a Canadian today! And pass the brewsky while you are at it.


Aunt Kathy said...

That was a great post. I LOVED it. And it made me laugh... hahahahaha... BOB...hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Love it Darc - and you're so right!! pass me a beer!!