Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Opps Yarn Turned Out Pretty Good (Even if I Do Say So Myself)

The very bright roving that Susan dyed (and partly felted) is finally all spun up and ready to knit. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I never anticipated that it would end up as even as it did. Maybe it was that magic Elizabeth wheel.The yarn will be for Katie and I gave her the choice between a hat or some mittens since I'm not sure that there will be enough for both. She chose a hat.

I have also been experimenting with dyeing roving. After one small disaster the next couple of tries turned out much better. This lavender and mauve one was supposed to have grey in it, but it just got lost with the purple shades. So I just dyed up some grey separately that I am incorporating into the single plies. This is the roving that I am currently spinning and while I haven't gotten very far on it (it has been too nice outside to be spending time inside spinning) so far I am pleased with the results.
This roving is my latest to be dyed. It turned out to match the image I had in my head fairly closely which, to be honest, surprised me. The blue turned out a little more vibrant than what I was trying achieve, but other than that the very pale pink and lilac came out pretty close to what I wanted. At this point I think each of these dye jobs will be made into a 3 ply sock yarn.