Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kid Bit

Katie was full of questions the other day...

"Do you love Daddy?"
"I love Daddy very much."
"Do you love me?"
"I love you very much."
"Do you love Christopher?"
"I love Christopher very much."
"Do you love me more than flat screen tv's?"
"You are confusing me with your dad again. Do you think I should trade you for a tv?"
"No, just trade Christopher. Better yet, can I trade him for my cousin Cody?"
Kai's job in the morning is to wake Katie up. He loves his work! He jumps up and roots around, trying to kiss Katie good morning.


Susan said...

That is exactly how I felt when Kai and B woke me up at ridiculously early times in the hotel rooms when we were at dog shows! Katie has my sympathy.

Aunt Kathy said...

Kai is a gorgeous dog. And I have seen that morning face before. Oh yeah, it's mine when my Kai (aka grandson Adam) wakes me up in the morning. Priceless pictures.

pinkangel said...

Katie looks like a lot of us in the morning. My Molly wakes me the same way, but when she sticks her tongue in my ear I AM UP!
Kai is a good alarm clock and I love the picture......

grannynanny said...

Great photo and commentary. Love it. Katie, you need to tell Kai that on summer mornings kids get to sleep in -- no doggy wake-up calls allowed.