Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Knit, Therefore I Blog?

Am I the only knitter that doesn't have a blog? I'm sure that there are others out there, but we must surely be in the minority. I read somewhere that the number one use of the internet is for porn, followed by genealogy. My guess is that knitting would be number three. Okay, so the porn doesn't interest me so much. Afterall, I have a messy husband (bless his soul! It's probably why we get along so well), two incredibly messy kids (they got that from their dad - it couldn't possibly be from me), and two messy dogs. Who has the energy for porn?? I actually do genealogy and have had a web site for that for years, but unless you actually have a connection to my family it wouldn't really be of much interest. That leaves knitting. So here we go...

The thought about setting up a blog has been rumbling around in my head for awhile now. Coming up with a good name has been a major stumbling block. Sometimes all forms of witty creativity are completely absent from my brain. I have enough trouble remembering that one kid likes baloney with ketchup and the other likes ham with mustard. Heaven forbid should I get my condiments mixed up. But then March rolled around. It was a dull, dreary, cold March. And dirty. VERY dirty. The melt was slow which means my backyard was muddy for ages. After the third day of wiping up muddy paw prints every time the dogs went outside, talking myself hoarse reminding the kids that muddy boots should be left outside, and moving my husband's shoes off the carpeted steps and onto the mud tray, I gave up and resigned myself to living with
muddy paw prints for the next while. Out of resignation a blog name was born.

But now what do I write about? I'm boring. My life is dull. Not that I am complaining. I like it this way. But even my knitting is boring. I knit socks. I knit socks in stockinette stitch. The most elaborate that I have gotten was to alternate rows of ribbing for a few inches on a pair of socks. I draw the boring line at single colour socks, though. We all have to have our limits.

However, I have to go now. It rained yesterday and I still have muddy paw prints on my floor that I have to clean up.


Susan said...

Great first blog post, sis! I told you that you could do it. And now that I'm not teaching, you can provide the entertaining kid-bits that I don't have access to for now.


Lia Nord said...

What's wrong with boring?! You could call it "serene" and everyone would go "Ooohh!" Bravo on a first blog post, and I enjoyed reading it. (Especially the messy part. Maybe we're related.) Also, very nice socks in the picture!

Darcie said...

Thanks Lia! I have never before appreciated comments left on blogs. The yarn for the socks was dyed for me by my sister. Pretty, isnt it.