Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

It started like any other school day morning. Christopher woke me up way too early. Katie would only eat a yoghurt tube and cheese string for breakfast. And we had the usually panic about getting all the field trip forms signed and packed properly in the back packs. I laid out their clothes and finally got myself a cup of coffee. Then Katie came out of her room dressed. What? Those aren't the clothes that I left out! I had forgotten that in honour of Earth Day the kids were supposed to wear green or blue so Katie took it upon herself to find a different ensemble to mark the occassion.
My first reaction was to tell her to go back and change immediately into the clothes that I had already picked out. And then I really took another look at her and started to giggle. The birth of a new Earth Mother! I especially like how she picked tights and socks to continue the earth theme!

So nasty mother that I am I grabbed my camera and made her pose outside (which was really mean as it was a very cold -9 celcius out). Then happily sent her off to school.

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