Monday, June 30, 2008

The Office(s) Are Open

I spend a lot of time (like pretty much all my waking hours it seems) making counters for my Etsy shop. The majority of the time I am down in my work area in the basement. Don't I look official now! Katie was very happy that she was able to reclaim her craft table. So for the last couple of months this has been my habitat.

Complete with my emergency supply of Cherry Twists. That beading is hard work and I have to keep my energy up, ya know!

But summer has FINALLY arrived in Saskatchewan! It took it's sweet old time getting here this year. Perhaps it is because we have such a short warm season that I can't stand being indoors when the weather is hot. So the office had to become transportable. So this is now where I spend my days. I like to call it the outdoor office. The biggest problem is that when I dump my beads (which I do on a frightenly regular basis) they are a lot harder to find.
And lastly, a sock. This one is Trekking 284. I love the tweediness (is that a word?) of this sock and I wear it a lot. Well, not just one sock. I typically wear two socks at a time. Just not on the same foot. Erg... you know what I mean.

But now I have to close up the office for the night since the mosquitos don't abide by the posted hours.


Fiber Jewels said...

I too am finding myself spending TOO MUCH time in my "office" in the basement (though, when it gets to be 80 outside, my 68 degree basement is heaven)!

Have you checked out a kid's portable table. Michaels has them, usually $6.99, but often go on sale for $3.99. I can send you a picture for a better idea

pinkangel said...

How do you have time to knit a sock lol

a bunch of hugs for you fine work

Darcie said...

That is the trouble! I dont have time to knit! I have the same three socks on my needles that I had when I first started the shop. Although, I am almost finished the blue zircus sock.