Sunday, June 15, 2008

He's Still a Brat, But at Least He's a Champion Brat

Here is Kai at the dog show today...He is now know as Canadian Champion WillowGlyn 4 Off the Floor!

Kai earned enough points (with a few extra for insurance) to finish his championship. Thanks to judge Thom Nesbitt for his final points. And a big, huge thanks to Yvonne Halkow of WillowGlyn Shelties for entrusting the brat to me.

Kai celebrated by coming home and unplanting a bunch of my bedding plants that were in pots on my patio.

Ignore the picture of me. My sister and I had an arguement about who is least photogenic. I still say I win. I may look like I am really not having a good time, but I was jumping up and down on the inside.

Katie also did well at junior handling today. She took second in the junior novice class despite being 3 feet shorter than some of her competition.

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pinkangel said...

Katie looks so natural in this picture..........And I can see you jumping up and down..........Kai is a beautiful boy and I bet he KNOWS IT!!!

Diane FL