Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Damn Cut Worms!

As if my poor garden wasn't in bad enough shape this year with my planting so late, I am now dealing with cut worms. I have dug out a few already and hunted around for a few more, but I can live without a radish or two. But today I found this...
When they start attacking my head lettuce, then I get angry! At least I got that sucker!

My garden really is pathetic this year. Have you ever seen a sorrier tomato?

But if you look reeaaallly closely, you will see that today it had an actual leaf forming! I love Sugary tomatoes. I special ordered the seed back in December and had it started indoors under grow lights at the proper time. And then I got started with all these beads. The seedlings took a back seat I am afraid. I never even noticed that this was the only sugary seed to germinate until it was time to plant it outdoors. So I plunked it in the dirt and hoped for the best. With my luck the cut worms will have got it by tomorrow.

I have a few pairs of socks on the needles right now. This one is Austermann Step, #18 Vulkan. It is sitting on another little sock bag that I got on Etsy from Stuck in Illinois. I thought it would be great for dog shows.

P.S. I was just tucking Katie into bed when I noticed that she had a halter top on under her night gown. Katie loves halter tops probably mostly because I won't let her wear them to school. When I asked her why she just said "Cause I'm a girl." Apparently she told Dallas earlier that it was because she "was a woman - well, not quite." Well, that explains it.

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