Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yesterday was playday at Christopher and Katie's school. I have volunteered to help every year since Christopher was in kindergarten. Only once have we had rain. It was a beautiful morning yesterday. Finally we are having some weather that is befitting of summer! My job was to wander around taking pictures. Its a good gig. Better than manning the tug-o-war station that I did for the first 3 years. At least I don't come home with my hands rope burned.

Here is Christopher at the bubble station. Obviously, he had already been to face painting! For those of you without boys that is a Pokeball on his face. If you aren't aware what that is, you are probably better off.

And Katie at the egg, ummm.... golf ball and spoon races. We seemed to have a tie dye theme going on there.

Nope, the sock didn't go to playday.
This is Cascade Sassy Stripes 763, knit on 2mm needles. I knit very tight and these socks are actually a bit like cardboard. They softened up a bit, but not like I would have liked them to. What saves them for me is the little bit of mottling in the light blue part.


Susan said...

Try rinsing the socks in hair conditioner. It works wonders to soften and relax wool.

Darcie said...

I think I used half a bottle of conditioner. No split ends, but they are still stiff.