Friday, August 29, 2008

A Wildlife Sort of Day

Considering I am still slaving away cleaning on the inside of the house I have had some wonderful brushes with nature today. It is a lovely day - not too hot and no wind - and I have all the windows open. As I was scrubbing out the bathroom I could hear a bird whose call was completely unfamiliar to me. I glanced out the window and saw a beautiful large blue jay sitting in a tree right outside. We don't see too many of them around here! I ran to get my camera, but obviously the dogs didn't recognize the call either and started to bark at the strange noise. Of course, the jay flew away and I haven't heard him again.

I have a compost in my garden and a couple of sunflowers decided to start to grow in it. The only place I can figure out where the seed came from is from a bird feeder.
While they are pretty on their own I looked closer at the bloom this morning and saw this...

...two big bumblebees and a wasp also enjoying the bloom.

Then as I was sitting on the patio doing a bit of beading I heard the unmistakable whizzing of a hummingbird. He was hovering about a foot away from me! This was the first hummingbird that I have seen this year.


Aunt Kathy said...

Gotta love Gods creations and creatures, growing and moving around freely. There is a lesson to be learned here, you think?

Sue said...

It's true Darc - your blog is totally hilarious - I love reading it. Not only does it keep me 'up' on you guys, but it gives me a 'funny' lift when I do read it. It funny, because when I sit down to the computer I have my 'routine', all the sites that I check before I leave, and yours and Susans are the first places I go. You wouldn't believe how disappointed I am when there is no update LOL - call me a stalker LOL
Had my first red tomato from the garden this morning - it was sooooo awesome!!

Darcie said...

Sue, you are a stalker.

There. I called you a stalker like you requested.