Sunday, August 17, 2008

For the Birds

I got a notice from Etsy that I made a sale yesterday. When I read it I started to laugh. I showed it to my husband and he had a chuckle. My yarnie sister Susan had a giggle when she came over for dinner last evening. And even my brother-in-law saw the humour in it.

Now, normally an Etsy sale does not elicit such a response. But this one was pretty funny. This is what was written on the message from the buyer...

You wouldn't believe it -- but, the damn crows came down onto my deck and stole my creamsicle counter. Hopefully they are finding it useful.

I still giggle every time I think about it. I'm really trying to keep the laughs under wraps and see the gravity of the situation from Jenny's point of view. After all, that counter was pretty new and she paid good money for it. And to watch it fly away would be upsetting. But I just can't help myself. I keep getting the mental image of the Windex commercial where the two crows sitting on the overhead lines are playing practical jokes on the guy sleeping on the lawn chair below. Or a mama crow sitting up in her nest happily knitting away with the orange counter that matches her feathers so nicely. It also brings to mind the Yarn Harlot and her adventures with the rat-bastard squirrel.
See how nice the black crow looks with the orange counter?

So sorry, Jenny. I really do feel bad, but the giggles are winning out.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh my that's too funny. Perhaps you should make a special smaller version just for the crow in case it returns, LOL

Sue said...

That is too funny!!

grannynanny said...

I love it. What a great story! Needless to say, I can this being incorporated into a kids' story ...
I agree with Aunt Kathy. Perhaps you do need to create a line of crow baubles.


Sam said...

OMG that's so funny - bet Jenny was furious really!

I must remember not to leave my notions lying about...