Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Mounties Always Gets Their Man - Or Ceremony

The rain held off today and we were able to make it back out to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police depot for the final sunset ceremony of the season (whoa! how did that happen? and what happened to summer?). It was a cool evening, but thankfully dry. "F" Division is where all RCMP cadets from across Canada are trained.
Katie decided that she wasnt going to be as camera shy this week and posed for a picture with Safety Bear.
These obviously brand-new cadets (notice the hair cuts that look like they just happened this morning) were out and about making nice to the tourists, handing out activity books for the kids and just general crowd control. Er.... well, maybe not so much crowd control since we are Canadian (although there seemed to be a lot of Americans and Japanese in attendance today). Let's just say that they posed for a lot of pictures and asked people very nicely not to walk on the parade grounds.

What slays me about these cadets, though, is why do they need bullet proof vests when they only have rubber guns??

These cadets have been at depot for longer and probably have graduated to real guns. My husband is now officially embarassed by me. He tried to pretend he wasn't with me, but I made sure to say loudly "Honey, could you hold my purse for me while I ask this nice cadet if he would hold my sock?"

Well, okay, I didn't really say that.

I forgot to ask this cadet his name. I think he thought I was some crazy lady, but he did hold my sock for a picture with a smile on his face.

BTW - the sock is Lisa Souza Pink Ribbon. It doesn't really match the red serge.


Aunt Kathy said...

Homey can you hold my purse...LOL

That's too funny

Fiber Jewels said...

I think my husband would have run in the opposite direction!!!

Susan said...

Is it too late to send that sock pic to the "Socks on Vacation" category of Summer of Socks? It's a great picture that most people wouldn't be able to get.

Susan said...

My husband would have hidden somewhere, anywhere or pretended he didn't know me. But I think that's a great picture. Good for you!
And thanks for your nice comment on my blog.