Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Semi Annual Purge

With school starting tomorrow (yipee!!!) I figured that it was time to do my least favourite job of motherdom - the semi-annual cleaning out of too small kid's clothes. I HATE this chore! The only good thing about it is that next door is a family with 2 kids (even more fortunately, one boy and one girl) which means I can fill up garbage bags of too-small clothes, dump them on their back step and then run like hell before they see me and try to give them back.

I tackled Katie's room first since she is the messiest and it always takes me longer in there. I would really like to know how a straight forward organizing of clothes ended up being a complete scrub down and rearrange of everything, including the furniture. I did find $5 (along with 5 chocolate bar wrappers, 2 gummy worms, a crust from a sandwich and and empty Kool Ade packet, which I don't really want to think about why that was there and what happened to the crystals) in the back of Katie's closet which is now mine. I figure that it paid me about .65 cents an hour. And the money was probably mine to start with.

Meanwhile, I am exhausted and Christopher's room hasn't even been looked at. Good thing Pizza Hut is cooking tonight.

The paper tacked on to the small mountain of clothes is note to our neighbour Kari laughing maniacly because I am now done and it is her turn apologizing for dumping this in her yard.

Did I mention that school starts tomorrow??


Aunt Kathy said...

yeah I am wondering about the kool aid too, maybe she was dyeing some yarn. LOL

Fiber Jewels said...

Been there, done that! What are you going to spend the $5 on!? I'm guilty of doing the same, with the same thought process!

Ceci said...

I used to eat kool aid right out of the packet... just sayin'.

PS Your blog is a fun read!