Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little Goblins

Well, another Hallowe'en over with. I actually like Hallowe'en and love to see the little ones all dressed up in their costumes. Its fun to try and guess which neighbourhood kid is which under the makeup and costumes. Unfortunately, it always seems to fall to me to take the kids out treat or treating. How much I like that depends on the weather. Last night was a good one. Not very cold (8 to 10 degrees Celcius or 46 to 50 F, depending which side of the border or ocean you are on), no rain (yea!!), no snow (big yea!!), a little bit of wind but no howling gale.

The kids and I still had to have the big fight about wearing warm clothes under their costumes, though. Of course I won since I have veto power over if we go or not. Here are Christopher and Katie on the front step waiting for some friends to join us. We had to explain to Christopher who Zorro was since he didn't have a clue. And yup, the princess Katie really did request to be a devil. Rather appropriate, I thought.
It looks like we have our own resident ghosts hanging out in our cemetery/flower bed.
The crew ready to hit the streets - two chubby devils, an over-weight Zorro and Dorothy, who could stand to lose a few pounds also.
Also along for the adventure was "Dorothy's" mom, another parent of my vintage. We were telling the kids to yell "Hallowe'en Apples!" at the doors.

"What is a Hallowe'en apple?" Dorothy wanted to know.

I guess they are just children of their times. No one these days would dare to hand out apples any more, while home-made popcorn balls were one of my favourite things to find in my pillow case after trick or treating.


Ash said...

He didn't know who Zorro was?! Now I feel incredibly old!

They look adorable! And thank goodness the weather was nice! Down here, it's been rather cold, but it warmed up just in time for Hallowe'en. I'm sure we'll be back down to the chilly weather tomorrow. Ugh. At least it was nice for a bit.

Sam said...

Oh dear, I feel old too :(

They all look adorable! I wish Hallowe'en was as big a holiday here in the UK as it is there - I got ONE trick or treater and only cos I know the family.

Now I got this big bucket of sweeties and sugarhigh kids tut

knitwych said...

Love the Halloween pix! We didn't get any trick-or-treaters. :-( (That's one of the downsides of living in a rural area, as I do.) I think my dog misses the little ToTers more than I do. He thinks little children should come to his house with candy all the time.

Ceci said...

Awww, they look adorable! I took my kids to a friend's house to trick or treat (since my neighborhood is mostly retired folks and they all turn their lights off and hide) and I forgot my camera. :(

The dogs barking at the scary guy is hilarious!