Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bison at Agribition (Or How I Spent My Week and Got My Husband to Do the Cooking)

I have been having a pretty fun week. Every year in Regina there is a large agricultural fair called the Western Canadian Agribition which attracts visitors from around the world. This year Ron Miskin from Buffalo Gold Premium Fiber came up from Texas with his amazing bison fibres. He needed a bit of help at his booth so asked in the local forum on Ravelry if there would be anyone interested. I had to think about it for all of 5 seconds (ummm.... let's see..... another week working alone in the basement....? or getting out to meet all sorts of new people and fondle yummy fibre?). Yah, I know. Tough choice.

Here is Ron and Merlin59 (aka Melanie) from Ravelry. I think she is having as much fun as I am. Ron is great to work with - interesting, fun, personable and totally committed to producing a superiour product. He travels quite a bit and is often at various fibre festivals. If you ever get a chance to met Ron go seek him out. My sister Susan didn't want to work, but she was VERY interested in playing with the pretty fibre. So she brought one of her little wheels down to the grounds and set it up beside the booth to spin some of the roving. I'm sure she will have more about it on her blog shortly, but when I left for the day she was still attached to the wheel.
This is the fibre that I am completely drooling over. As the sign says it is a bison down, silk, cashmere and tencel blend. There are only two colours available right now, but it will be soon be available in about twenty colours. It is soooo soft with a bit of sheen that makes you want to just roll around in it.
I think I am going to be sad when the week is over and it is back to routine.


Katknit said...

What gorgeous yarns! Very interesting site!

Ria said...

oh you are soooo lucky!! I so want to see buffalo yarn in person! it's so expensive that I wouldn't buy it w/o touching it first. I actually eat more bison than beef at this point, so it would be like the use the whole animal thing.

ria (tonyfan4ever on ravelry)

yarnintercept said...

I can almost pet that yarn right through the computer screen! Beautiful. I daren't let my wallet see it though...it'd have a heart attack probably.