Friday, November 21, 2008

Hopping Off to Drown Myself in That Frog Pond

So I am finally working (somewhat) happily away on the foot of my Noro socks, thinking that I was now on the home stretch. Until I came to - gasp!- a knot!! It is bad enough that I have a bunch of spit splices already in the socks from where the yarn shredded, but at least the colours work out. But will it from the knot? NOT! The orange is tied to the blue which was the colour right previously.
I THINK that there will be enough yarn if I go up and try and match. If not, then I will have a funny coloured toe in the sock. I actually came to this spot about a week ago, but I was so miffed that I had to put it aside for awhile and hope that it would disappear.
It didn't. Darn.

And to think that I sooooo wanted to get my hands on some of this yarn for the longest time.


Fiber Jewels said...

That is so disheartening.

I read so much about this yarn, but when I look at it in the LYS, it does nothing for me.

Good luck with them!

Ceci said...

And you had been working so hard to make them twins... you know, sometimes letting them be different from each other saves a lot more than just effort and a little yarn.

Darcie said...

I actually didn't try to make them match. It just happened - almost. I had to go up about 14 to 18" of yarn after finishing the first sock to get a match.

knitwych said...

I know these socks have been really frustrating for you, but they are lovely. I have a couple-three pairs of socks I have to finish and two more pair to knit before I can start my Noro socks. I'm trying not to stress myself out about that yarn.

Hege said...

Oh, I really hope you can be able to match the second sock.
I like it when my sock matches and I have just once had a knot in a ball of yarn, and it turn out to have the color shifts in the oposite way after the knot...