Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hopping Off to the Frog Pond

I have been a major idiot. I am still shaking my head on how I could be so stupid to not notice that something was wrong until I was on the home stretch of the second sock.

So I am knitting away on a sock made from Nor Kureyon S102. I had wanted to try the Noro for ages and finally got some. It has had its share of surprises. For starters the orange took me by surprise. It was not evident when I bought the yarn, being hidden away on the inside of the skein. I am not an orange person. I knew it was a rough yarn, but when I started shredding it as I was knitting I was not impressed. At least it is giving me a very good lesson in not knitting so tight. I can only blame being lazy on not doing a proper swatch before hand and having to start over 2 times because the yarn was too thick and was knitting up way too big.

After the rough start I am finally knitting away and got one sock completed except for the finishing. As I was knitting the second sock I knew it was skinnier, but thought it was because I had tried on the first sock repeatedly. But the longer colour parts should have had me stopping to question why that was happening. It wasn't until I was finished the gusset decreases that I actually thought to count how many stitches were on each needle. Duh! Head smack time. I am 4 stitches short on the second sock.

The second sock is now history.


She Knits Socks said...

Thanks for your comments. I think you will be surprised at the cost of the Vinca. It's not my favorite a little thin in my opinion, but it is cheap enough to try for a test project. Good luck with it.

knitwych said...

I've got a ball of Noro sitting in my stash right now. It intimidates me. I'm dying to see it knit up, but I've heard lots of grumblings about the inconsistency in the thickness, knots, and the roughness. I saw (somewhere on the net; can't recall where) a recommendation to wash the finished socks once in a washing machine (gentle cycle, cold water, in a bag for delicates), and then block and air dry. This apparently softens them up.

I think your finished sock is gorgeous, by the way! Try not to be too put off by the orange. That's lovely yarn! I wish I'd bought that colorway! :-)

Kali said...

Been there. Done that. More than a few times, actually. ---sigh---

Good call.

My sympathies.