Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Picture Perfect!

I wish I could bottle up smells and post them on my blog. My back yard smells heavenly! We have 2 old and very large ornamental crab apple trees which are in full bloom.

This one is right outside both the back door and patio doors off the family room. As I am working just down the stairs from the open screen door I can smell the blooms.Of course, I am also living on a steady diet of antihistamines and allergy drugs, but it seems a small price to pay for such beauty that lasts such a short time.

Now if I could just get the rest of my yard work done. I still have bedding plants that need to be planted and the yard hasn't had its spring clean.

I've been busy making a few more lanyards for Anne in Nashville, this time for some of the doctors that she works with.

And my sock picture - another Opal (I like Opal, could you guess?), Elemente 1074.


Aunt Kathy said...

I like those Opal socks too but I feel silly what is a lanyard? it reminds me off a Rosery, sort of. They sure are pretty

Darcie said...

A lanyard is just one of those thingys (ummm.... not sure what the plural of thingy is) that go around your neck to hold ID cards and the such. The person that I made them for works in a large university hospital and all the staff, doctors included, have to have ID on them. So instead of the plain basic fabric ones, Anne thought that the beaded ones would be much more interesting and cheerful.