Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Case of the Chewed Up Birkenstock



VERDICT: Guilty as charged. The dog spit on the shoe gave him away.


Susan said...

Considering there are other suspects who had access to the Birkenstock, I think that you would need DNA testing to conclude that it is, indeed, Kai's spit.

I would have to appeal the decision based on lack of evidence in this case. Other suspects still include other dog Mikki, both kids, husband (nah, he wouldn't chew the shoe; he knows you would just buy another pair), and you. Yes, you. Motive: buying another pair (don't forget, I'm your sister, I know you). Also, if said item was left outside, it could be the Yarn Harlot's thieving rat-bastard squirrel, although said rbs' only previous offenses involved fiber.

Ruth said...

Aw, how could such a sweetie doggie chew on your Birkies? I think it was you on a sleep walking moment, and you just don't want to admit it.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Awww, he missed you! Your Birkies are lovely. I haven't seen them with a floral design on them. Could a cobbler save them?

Darcie said...

That sweet doggie was born a brat and continues to be one!
And the number one reason why I know that it was him that chewed the shoe and not me - If I was going to chew my own shoe I would do it in December so that I had time to order another pair from Germany so that I could actually wear them in the summer! : )

Aunt Kathy said...

I've never owned a pair of birkenstocks, but by the looks of your picture they can't be very comfortable, lol.

No really, sorry about the dilema but I loved reading the story and the comments too.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Would you share the website address for the German Birkies mail order, please? Even with dog chomps your Birkies are pretty!

Darcie said...

I got those Birks a couple of years back from an on line company, Be prepared to wait, though! They take forever for shipping! But the prices were so good I couldn't resist.

pinkangel said...

Aw! Take a good look at your beautiful suspect........Hmmm sure does have that guilty look.

Loved the story and the detective work but your suspect may just be covering for the real perp.

Diane FL