Monday, May 5, 2008

Back Home

Well, I missed a few days of the dog show on my blog. Partly because dog shows are really tiring and partly because the power supply for my lap top died while up in Saskatoon. I really didn't have anything to brag about anyway. It was a disappointing week end. Kai the sheltie only needs 3 more points to finish his championship, but we didn't manage to get them this week end. There were a lot of very nice shelties entered. He got some good hard looks, though.

This was Katie's first time in competitive junior handling. Last year being only 6 she was in the pee wee class which is non-competitive. Cute as all get out, though! Katie did really well considering she never had very much practice. Kai works really well for Katie. They make a good team.

Katie was the smallest one in her class. In the competive classes the kids are required to put the dogs that are normally "table dogs" up on the table so the judge can go ever them without having to bend right down to the ground. Being so tiny Katie isn't able to do so, but the judges for juniors are good about helping out and being very encouraging to the kids. You can see Katie barely able to keep her hand on the lead as judge Lori-Ann Fischer checks Kai's bite.

While she didn't place in her class, Katie had a great time and was thrilled with the loonie she won just for competing.

As for me, well, I consoled myself with a trip to a local yarn shop and bought my own consolation prise of a new ball of sock yarn.


AfternoonMoon said...

Good morning.
I need your mailing address for your winning comment on my blog

fiberfanatic said...

I'm sorry Kai didn't achieve his championship, but I think that at least TWO skeins of yarn should have been the therapy!

Katie looks so earnest and cute in the pictures!

Darcie said...

SSShhh! Dont tell my husband, but I actually got yarn for another pair of socks - a pink varigated Garnstudio Fabel for socks for Katie. But I cant find the yarn! I am hoping that it is somewhere strange that I havent unpacked yet and not lost.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

What great photos! I love garnstudio fabel omg, it is the BEST!!

thanks for your entry on my caption contest.