Saturday, January 10, 2009

And I Will Love It and Squeeze It and Call It George

A couple of posts ago I showed you my Christmas knitting haul. And a nice haul it was too, even if I say so myself. There was one more thing to add to the pile, though, and it finally arrived yesterday. I will give you a hint. I went and got this earlier in the week in preparation...Yup, I am now the proud owner of my very own Majacraft Pioneer. So far I am really, really bad at spinning, but I am not too worried. It is the sort of thing that I tend to be pretty good at so I am sure it will come. I can't play soccer, volleyball and I seriously suck at basketball, but I can make things with my hands.
And I doubt I will actually call it George. It seems more feminine to me. Besides, I don't tend to name my stuff. The van is still just called "the van" and the car is still just called "the car." I must have Bugs Bunny on my mind, though, since that line has been going through my head since the wheel arrived.

Then again, there are worse names than George.


knitwych said...

Oooh, cool! Congratulations! I'm sure you'll catch on to spinning in no time. I've always wanted to try spinning with a wheel. I tried drop spindle spinning once, and even without the help of the cats, it requires waaaay more coordination than I have.

I think you're right about the name. George doesn't fit. (Plus, being in the US, which has been embarrassed, abused and misled by a George for the past eight years, I automatically recoil from that name.) How about Sunna, for the Scandinavian goddess of spinning? :-)

Ceci said...

I dunno, I think George fits the lil guy. :D And you're right; given a little time you'll be spinning in beauty.

Sam said...

Very nice, spinning just doesn't do it for me - if I see yarn possibilities I just wanna KNIT RIGHT NOW!

How about calling it Georgia?

grannynanny said...

Your new squeeze is pretty awesome looking.
I loved knitwych's comment.She's right. George is a name that causes instant recoil.
Wasn't Rapunzel a weaver?