Wednesday, April 22, 2009

History as it Should Be Taught!

Considering that Saskatchewan has yielded a rich amount and variety of dinosaur bones and fossils it seems fitting that the show Walking With Dinosaurs came to Regina last week. We dithered a bit about getting tickets, but finally decided that it was too good of an opportunity for the kids to miss.

We went to the show on Monday evening and are we ever glad we did. It was fantastic.

Before the show started we loaded up with drinks and popcorn, but once it started the kids forgot all about eating and drinking (and to be honest, so did Dallas and I) and were completely engrossed in the production. This was a history lesson unlike any we had experienced before!

An Ankylosaurus with its massive armour being introduced by the show's paleontologist host.

Two male Torosaurs battle for dominance of the herd.

Mama T-Rex protecting her baby from a torosaurus and an ankylosaurus. The T-Rex won.
Two Brachiosaurs defend themselves from becoming the dinner of the smaller Allosaurus.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. What a powerful way to teach and bring about understanding.
What a terrific concept!
No wonder you were spell-bound.
Who wouldn't be.
Love your photos. Thank-you for sharing.