Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skating Party

Yesterday the weather was supposed to start to warm up so we told the kids that we would take them skating at the neighbourhood rink after school. It was fine until I actually got out of the van and into the open wind. Brrrrrrr!! It wasn't nearly as warm as it was supposed to be!

I did don my skates, however, to join the kids for a bit. I spent my time skating down the rink one way with the wind at my back and then going back the other way skating backwards. The wind chill didn't seem to bother the kids too much. I shot the following pictures after I had already given up and crawled into the back of the van and out of the wind.

Our extremely cold winter didn't lend itself to many outdoor activities and we were all out of practice on our skates. Here Katie and Tessa are at least upright even if their ankles are a little wobbly.
Then one went down...
Followed by another...
And then it was all three... Goes to show the high threshold to pain that kids have. They spent more time lying on the ice than on their skates, but they still didn't want to quit.


Aunt Kathy said...

Growing up in CA I never learned how to ice skate and now can't even if I wanted to. How does one stand on a razor blade anyway, geez, LOL

knitwych said...

Even falling down, I'm sure the kids had a great time. I envy anyone who can ice skate. I tried as a kid, but couldn't get my ankles to stop wobbling. I was a demon on roller skates, tho! (WEG)

pinkangel said...

Oh my Darcie, The kids look like they had a blast. I wish I would have had that opportunity to ice skate when I was a kid. Now I would NEVER try it. They keep you young aye? You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Dear Darcie,

Your photography was delightful -- a story told in pictures.
Your winter is much worse than ours. Soo much colder. It is all just too tedious now.
Canadians everywhere need to do a sun dance now.