Friday, October 24, 2008

Katie's New Socks

I finished up a pair of socks for Katie the other day. She was sooo excited about them and couldn't wait to wear them to school. She had them on the moment she got out of bed in the morning.

After the schmozzle that is a school day morning around here I picked up the breakfast dishes, feed the dogs and wandered downt he hall to put a couple of things away in Katie's room. And what did I see lying in a heap in the middle of her floor? Her new socks, of course. Turns out that they were "itchy." Just my luck that my daughter inherited her narrow flat feet from me and her Auntie Susan's uber sensitive feet. I made her put them on for the picture, but it looks like I am going to have to give them a serious soak in hair conditioner.

Darn. Knitting socks for Katie is so simple and quick that they are good for a easy sense of accomplishment. They are done in Kroy Socks, 55605 Tutti Frutti Jacquard, by the way.


Fiber Jewels said...

That is too bad that the socks are too itchie - my first pair were not itchie, I can wear them, but they just aren't as soft and lovely as the socks I've knit from the "Essential" yarn I've gotten from KnitPicks!

Cute socks, though!

Anonymous said...

Soaking in conditioner?!?! Does that work? I live in a house full of sensitive skin. I will have to try it.

Darcie said...

The conditioner seems to work pretty good. I started using it on a recommendation from yarnie sister Susan.

knitwych said...

This colorway looks almost exactly like my first pair of socks, which I knit from Magic Stripes (Lion Brand) back in 2006. That yarn was very soft, and has worn quite well. Good tip about the conditioner!